Taking An Illustrative Glance Through GPS Systems And Products Popular With The US Army

GPS system has different purposes to serve. Space centric scheme of satellite navigation is intensively used by US army for conducting geographical exploration. It also serves the purpose of surveying, cartography and various kinds of navigation. Besides land and sea navigation, airborne routing is one of the important aspects of US military operations. GPS based system of navigation which came into being in 1973 has not only supported these schemes of operation; but also helped reduce the shortcomings of previous systems of navigations. The very objective of this system is to ensure flexibility and precision. Designing and development of GPS devices has been through a series of innovation and improvement. That’s because thrust has always been on designing stuffs that are convenient, flexible and tech savvy.



  • Digital radio – The system with its parameters and features of safety is particularly meant for looking after the navigation needs of risk prone work areas- those which are vulnerable to inflammation. The device consists of an intrinsically safe and highly powerful lithium battery. There is a spring based belt clip to assist the process of operation. The frequency range varies between 136 and 174 megahertz. Be it the power of its memory channel or that of its tough material make; the digital radio ensures effectuality, convenience, longevity and operational safety. It not only fulfills the standardized benchmarks of safety but also ensures total protection from tough environmental conditions.
  • GPS receiver – It stands out on counts of its effectuality, longevity, value and reliability. The system comes with an improvised user interface. Availability of a global base map is another of its unique feature. Both these aspects are found working in unison to facilitate excellent geocaching. Spine mounting operations are also supported by these features. No matter how grim the lighting situation may by, you can always bank on the power and potential of improvised monochrome screen of 2.2 inches. Reading and accessing the interface is one of ease and convenience. This again has lots to speak about the effectuality and varied usability of this GPS receiver.

    You can also use the device for storing important pieces of information. In the course of a military operation, you are required to save and update information on location, types of difficulties terrain descriptions and so on. With the help of this device, you are facilitated to go about the process digitally, and hence can do away with the prospect of making manual entries. The device is not only durable but also water resistant. Its rugged build is particularly suitable for combating tough environmental conditions. Batteries of 2AA are there to serve you over an extensive period of time. You can use it over a time thresh of twenty five hours. The device also comes with a personalized dashboard. It has been priced at approximate 119.99 US Dollars. But in view of all its features and extensive range of usability, you get a good value for your money.

  • Antenna kit for global positioning – High performance antenna kits are much in demand. With their extensive bandwidth, they are able to facilitate different sorts of military operations. The kit which consists of low profile positioning antenna of 2.75 inches is most appropriate for solving synchronization needs of a particular area of operation. It also offers precision in timing and superb reception. The pole mounted antenna with its new features of innovation is ideally suited for receiving signals from moving motor vehicles. The magnetic mount which is in-built is highly adaptable, in the sense that you can use the antenna kit both within and without vehicle motors. The set which comes with a cable and connector does not cost more than 31.49 US Dollars.
  • Waterproof GPS with a speaker microphone – The name has lots to reveal about the unique proposition of this speaker microphone. Waterproof housing and powerful audio system are the unique features of this GPS device. The mechanism is compatible with any scheme of operation that requires the interplay of radio system. In particular, if the radio is of 92 AD, the device is sure to find a perfect fit. It ensures high end flexibility, and investing 219.95 US Dollars for purchasing the same is no big deal.
  • Portable radio for assisting on site military operations – As long as you is within the range of coverage, the device is there to help you out. It is one of the most effective channels of communication. That’s because the device not only facilitates text messaging but also ensures group calling, with the user being provided the opportunity for accessing twenty odd individuals and as many as ten small groups. The two way mode of radio communication which operates at nine hundred mega hertz simplifies the operation of cloning.

The aforementioned list is there to guide you with illustrations and specifications of some of the leading GPS devices- the ones which are popular with the US army. You can click here to find out the price deals and exact lay of specifications. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of respective devices. Similarly, it is equally important to figure out the most appropriate GPS device which fits into your scheme of operation. Some of the devices require the use of additional equipments and accessories. But most of the packages are comprehensive and self-sufficient. So, ultimately you need to decide and evaluate before making the purchase.

Thomas Ward is the CEO at HiTech Wireless a certified veteran owned small business that provides wireless radio equipment with all equipments boasting of different features to suit every requirement aptly.