Why BB Metal Guns Are The Weapon Of Choice For BB Gun Enthusiasts

BB guns are enjoyed and used by people of all ages and as you would expect from such a popular pastime they come in all shapes and sizes.

You can now choose from a wide range of different options and Airsoft has become a popular team sport across the country but for many BB gun enthusiasts the metal BB guns are still their weapon of choice.

Spot the difference

The first thing to do is look at the difference between metal BB guns and Plastic BB’s which are referred to as Airsoft.

Metal BB guns are the authentic and original choice and traditionally use small metal balls which were originally made of lead but these days they are made of steel. The advantages of steel metal balls is that they offer greater accuracy, distance and speed but as you would expect when metal balls are involved, they can be harmful and should only be used for target shooting.

You can get pellets that are suitable for use in combat games and this means that you can enjoy the look and feel of a metal gun and enjoy an element of greater authenticity with your weapon experience.

Plastic BB guns are lightweight in comparison and Airsoft ammunition weighs less despite the fact that the pellets used have a larger diameter compared to the ones fired from traditional BB guns. Another good reason why gun enthusiasts prefer metal guns to their plastic counterparts is that although the shots from a plastic gun have the capacity to travel faster they can be affected by external forces such as wind which then interferes with the accuracy and range capabilities.

More realism

There is no question that holding a metal gun as opposed to a plastic one adds far greater realism and can make a significant difference to your enjoyment and experience.

The metal BB gun is more powerful and likely to be longer lasting and durable than a plastic version and many gun enthusiasts consider a metal gun to be more trustworthy as well. It also is quite common for a metal BB gun to require less servicing than a plastic one provided you clean and polish it after use if it has been exposed to rain or dirt.

The key factor for many enthusiasts is the sense of realism that you enjoy with a metal BB gun and for many gun owners, nothing beats the feel of cold steel in your hands. A metal gun is often used in military services training because it offers such a realistic feel and performance and metal BB guns are also considered to be superior when used in combat games due to the fact that its internal parts are made from steel and are therefore less likely to get broken in the heat of battle.

You need to choose your gun carefully based on what you are intending to use it most for such as playing games or military exercises and for many enthusiasts the metal gun is stronger, more realistic and offers great delivery rates of BB pellets.

Jon Armstrong has a lifelong passion for firearms. From hunting to target shooting, he enjoys blogging about the history and technology of domestic firearms.