Saxet Declines Contract From Travis Co.

Travis County Commissioners voted Tuesday to allow Saxet gun shows to continue, if the company agrees to conduct background checks for every sale. Federal law does not require private sellers to do so.

A Saxet Gunshow spokesperson has confirmed to FOX 7 that they will not sign the contract.

The owner of Saxet gun shows allowed FOX 7 news an exclusive look inside a show at the Expo Center last month. Saxet typically hosts eight shows a year at the facility.

According to Saxet, the county will lose $96,000 this year on rental fees– in addition to parking fees, and food vendor sales. On the flipside, Saxet likes the location and says it’s rare to find enough space with climate control in this area.

Two weeks ago, Travis County Commissioners decided not to renew Saxet’s contract because they couldn’t come to an agreement with the company on background checks.

Since then the two have been corresponding–trying to again reach a deal. Until a deal is reached there will be no more gun shows at the Expo Center.


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