Travis Co. Commissioners Reject Gun Show — Again

Organizers of the Saxet gun show are figuring out their next step after Travis County Commissioners turned them down again. Their last gun show at the Travis County Expo Center is slated for this weekend. And the Commissioners’ refusal to renew the company’s contract will cost the county $100,000 in revenue. The contract debate is over background checks on all gun shows. Moms Demand Action wants to close the gun show loophole where private sellers are not required to do a background check. Commissioners stood by that stance Tuesday. “It’s estimated 6.6 million guns are sold through private dealers every year. And who knows who is buying those guns,” said background check advocate Hilary Rand. But Saxet officials say it would be tough to enforce. Saxet, a company that’s been in business for 25 years, says they will be back at the Travis County Commissioners Court, find another 50,000 square foot building or take their business elsewhere. “We are not disappointed. We are going to have a big show this weekend. You should come out and see people, they want the shows. A few people don’t. We can’t help that,” said Saxet show director Gus Cargile. Commissioners confirm the company can come back as many times as they want to negotiate a contract.


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