Safe Practices for Firearms Owners

The purpose of every gun is to fire bullets, and the responsibility of gun owners is to ensure that the bullets do not hit anything that is not intended to be hit. For the correct use of guns and to ensure that firearms do not operate outside the will of the owner, understanding the gun and following firearm safety rules are the most important things to learn — even more important than learning to aim and fire.

Countless people have died or been injured because of careless handling of guns; these accidents happen because of inept handling of their gun. With a firm intention to be responsible gun owners and to keep people safe from gun safety accidents, all of us need to learn and follow firearm safety rules.
The safety rules
Learn about your gun:
For the sake of safety and to make the optimum use of your gun, learn every detail about it. Read through the user manual and also consult with people who possess the same or similar weapons. Knowledge is the best way to ensure safety. With thorough knowledge of your gun, there is a better understanding of its mechanism and a better understanding of handling it. Also, service your gun regularly to ensure smooth operation and to prevent accidents.

Assume the gun to be loaded:
A majority of firearm accidents happen when the gun owner assumes the gun to be empty of bullets and pulls the trigger while pointing at something. In the innocent assumption that the gun is empty, the trigger is pulled and the damage is done, either to a living being or to something valuable.
Irrespective of the fact that you remember the gun to be empty, do not point the gun at anything that is not intended to be harmed. Develop a habit of treating your gun as always loaded, so that you do not do anything which might allow the gun to lead to an accident.

Do not depend upon your gun lock:
Your gun lock is only an additional system to ensure safety; it is not a foolproof safety system. Beyond the additional safety provided by the safety lock, it is your awareness which makes your gun completely safe. Even when your gun is locked, do not operate it in a manner which could activate the trigger mechanism. Do not carelessly keep a gun against any object. In case of a fall, the trigger might get activated. And ensure safety beyond the lock system; do not keep your finger on the trigger when the gun is not to be fired.

Safely point your gun:
A gun pointed towards an object or human being means that the object or human being faces potential danger of being harmed. Due to a number of causes, a gun can go off and harm something unintended. Always point your gun towards a safe direction where there is nothing which can be harmed.

Respect the power of your gun:
Guns have an amazing ability to propel bullets to great lengths. When a bullet is fired, everything that is in the line of fire is under a threat. When firing a bullet at a target, be very aware of the things beyond the target. In case of a miss or even in the case of a hit, a bullet can cause immense damage to things beyond the target. When firing a bullet, make sure that either there is a free space for the bullet to travel or there is something which can absorb the bullet impact.

Keep the barrel clean:
An unclean barrel is an invitation to disaster. Either there will be a burst inside the barrel or a high velocity spill from the barrel. At times, the gun can also be permanently damaged if it’s not kept clean. If your gun fails to fire, handle it with caution. A jammed round needs careful handling. Try to extract it by following instructions in the manual or get professional help.

Use recommended ammunition:
Ensure that you know what type of ammunition can be used in your firearm. The wrong ammunition poses a big danger to the user as well as to the weapon. Do not modify the gun as it can lead to unpredictable behavior or even a serious accident.

Use protection for ears and eyes:
High quality ear protection and eye protection (safety glasses) are a must while using firearms.
Guns can be a lot of fun if used with proper care and precautions. It is every gun owner’s responsibility to ensure that guns fire only when they are intended to be fired and only in the direction intended.

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