Not Carrying

Crazy has roamed the earth for about 65 million years—several decades before Joan Rivers’ first plastic surgery. Consider that we live in a world where people proudly claim they are “Beliebers,” faux celebrities name their cute babies North West, and despotic Korean dictators have family members executed for missing a Black Friday Blu-Ray player sale. The scary part is that the current level of human crazy barely makes the nightly news.

So forgive me if I disagree when people tell me they aren’t carrying for reasons like this:

“I’m just running to the store.”
“I’ll only be out for a few minutes.”
“I won’t need my gun.”
“I won’t be in any bad areas.”
It’s an insanity-filled world out there and there is no such thing as a perfectly safe public outing. If you were really able to predict when and where you might be a victim of violent crime, why on earth would you ever be there in the first place, armed or not?

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