House Approves 10-Year Extension On Plastic Gun Ban

Congress voted to extend the 25-year-old prohibition against firearms that can evade metal detectors and X-ray machines, just days before the ban would have expired. Spurred on by the recent advances in 3-D printing techniques, some Democrats, gun control advocates and law enforcement officials believe the restrictions must also be tightened.

The Republican-led House approved the 10-year extension of the ban on Tuesday. Democrats’ preference would have been to also require permanent metal components that would make plastic firearms more detectable.

“We can’t let a minute or hour or day go by without having a renewal” of the ban, said Brian Malte, a director of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

The Democratic-run Senate returns from a two-week Thanksgiving break next Monday, the day before the ban expires. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said he will seek fast approval of a measure renewing the ban and tightening the restrictions.

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3 thoughts on “House Approves 10-Year Extension On Plastic Gun Ban

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  2. why not let it die….why do the ‘conservatives’ in the house ALWAYS side with the progressives when it comes to ‘freedom’ for citizens….as we ALL know criminals DO NOT obey any laws….so why pass more against law abiding citizens….One party , seems to me…imho

  3. So this means we can extend our disregard for this unconstitutional law and the idiots who think they are kings.

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