Stranger Buys Gun For Little Girl In Louisiana

A secret Santa grants one little girl an early Christmas gift. The Wright family was out shopping when second grader Kallie asked to play with one of her favorite things in the store, a pink 22 caliber rifle. As she was playing with it a stranger handed her $120 and told her to buy the gun. Her dad couldn’t believe it.

“He thought it was the play money that I had and it wasn’t and he just freaked out,” said Kallie.

Her dad then searched the store until he found the stranger.

“I can’t take your money like that. He says, ‘yes you can, buy that gun for her,'” said her father, Donny Carr.

The mystery man insisted he take the money. Carr had planned on putting the gun on layaway but instead Christmas came early.

The family said the stranger only had one request that little Kallie learned how to use the gun responsibly. Her big brothers are in the process of teaching her how to use it and Kallie says she can’t wait to go hunting.


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