No blog for you

My son died in the night due to pregnancy related complications.

That is two sons in the grave in under twelve months.

18 thoughts on “No blog for you

  1. Aaron. I am afraid simple words cannot express how much sympathy I have for you and your family. My hartfrlt prayers are surely inadequate but are yours nonetheless. Take care of what you need to.


  2. I don’t know what to say. God must have had a need for those two boys that we aren’t priveleged to know.

  3. God be with you my brother… as painful as this is, there is a plan for everyone and every thing.

  4. So very sorry to hear about your family’s loss man, best wishes to you in the coming months.

  5. First time visiting your blog; and I’m sorry to hear that. Don’t know how you are feeling, but perhaps I can suggest listening to a podcast series that I heard recently. Has to do with questions about God’s wisdom (good things happening to bad people/bad things happening to good people/etc). The pastor’s channel is called living on the edge ( and the specific series I’m referring to is “God as he longs for you to know Him”.

    Hope the best for you, bud.

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