An Open Letter To The ATF

To the current leadership of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (the ATF) and its parent agency (the DOJ):

The leak of your new training manual to the public only proves what countless citizens, particularly conservatives and libertarians, have known for at least two decades, Your agency is not a force for good but for evil. You are a threat to the freedoms of all Americans.

And you need to be reined in swiftly and irrevocably.

Your training manual which threatens a French-style firing squad for any and all agents who become whistleblowers is simply the last straw. You claim the entire thing is a joke. But it bears an eerie similarity to the actions of your agency in the midst of numerous scandals for which it has yet to pay an adequate price.

Lawlessness on the part of any government agency is unconscionable and must be made public for all to see. A free society does not tolerate agents, officers, officials, or agencies that keep secrets from the public when those secrets involve a failure to follow the laws that all citizens are expected to keep.

But your activities have gone far beyond merely breaking the law. You have deliberately aimed your lawlessness at the citizens, harassing gun stores, gun owners, writing new gun laws without the knowledge or approval of Congress, and even sending American firearms across the border to Mexico where they have been used against our citizens in the current drug cartel wars and human trafficking.

You have yet to be called to accountability for your actions on the Fast and Furious front.

The only conclusion to which astute citizens can come, therefore, is that you are a rogue agency that has been given a blank check to perpetrate mayhem by at least two administrations, especially the current one.

Surely you are aware of the fact that even in an agency of thuggery such as yours, there are honorable men and women of integrity whose conscience sooner or later will not allow them to continue keeping your illegal secrets, Many of your agents have already come forward. But there are more.

So what are you going to do with them? Your new training manual says they will be placed before a firing squad.

Just who do you think you are? Mark my words, the day is coming when the right people will be in charge, and you will be brought to justice for your crimes against Americans. You may think you have a free hand to do whatever you please as of now. But there is always a payday someday.

Many of us among the citizenry will not rest until your agency is clipped down to size so that it is entirely manageable and prevented from harassing our people. And you who perpetrate or have perpetrated your crimes will be arrested and brought to justice in a court of law.

And remember, mercy is extended only to those who plead for it and who express true remorse. As for the rest of you who engage in criminal activity, acting as if you are above the law, there will be no mercy whatsoever.

Choose this day whom you will serve. The cause of what is right, honorable, decent, good, and beneficial, or, the cause of evil that treats citizens as expendable slaves to your selfish and malevolent goals.

You cannot serve both.


A Concerned Citizen


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