A Time For Silence

I’ve been shooting since I was around 12 years old. Today I have what my doctor calls “serious hearing loss”. I technically need hearing aides but being only 44 years old I’m reluctant to do what my doctor suggests because of vanity.

There’s no cure for hearing loss, the only remedy are devices that make hearing a bit easier. That’s why preventing hearing loss is critical. In the case of sportsmen like me that means always being diligent to wear proper hearing protection and to always have several sets with me in the car, gear bag and on the reloading bench — for easy access.

However, many sportsmen don’t always wear hearing protection. While hunting many, if not most, hunters don’t wear hearing protection so they can hear whats going on around them. They figure, as I once did, that a few shots from a shotgun, rifle or handgun won’t be so bad. Unfortunately for me and countless others we are very-very wrong.

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