Safety Tips to Follow While Using an Airsoft Gun

Kids these days reckon that an airsoft gun is a cool thing to brandish, especially when with friends. This is most probably the most important reason airsoft guns are so popular. So, no wonder that most kids approach parents with assertive demands for airsoft guns and most of the parents do relent finally. It is not a bad thing at all to keep your kids amused with an airsoft gun, but you would not want the gun to cause any kind of injury to anyone. Though airsoft guns are safe, your kid, or whoever else uses them, needs to exercise certain precautions before and during the usage of the guns.

Here is a list of things that you must know about operating airsoft guns, before you or your kids use them.

Airsoft guns are basically non-lethal
Airsoft guns release 6mm or 8mm plastic pellets which travel at 170 to 550 feet per second (FPS), depending on the gun variant such as airsoft sniper rifles and airsoft pistols. In Japan, the maximum FPS is 300. So, at this speed and with the material a pellet is built with, a gun cannot be lethal in any manner.

Injuries occur in case protective equipment is not worn
Before playing with airsoft guns, everyone involved must wear protective gear, both around the body and the eyes. The pellet is non-lethal but can inflict a lot of pain if it hits an unprotected area of your body, especially from close range. In fact, the pellet can even cause eye injury to the extent of blindness. So, you and your kids need to wear full-sleeved shirts with thick fabric, pants with thick fabric and gloves while using the guns. Also, you and your kids must additionally wear glasses, specially made to protect eyes from pellets.

Follow the standard engagement distance
When you are using airsoft guns, you should maintain a minimum distance of 100 feet from the nearest participant. This is because the closer you are to the barrel of the gun, the likelier you are to suffer from a painful injury. The farther you are, the lesser the chances of injury because the pellet loses momentum over the distance.

Supervise your kids when they are playing
Before your kids go out for the first time to play with the gun, you need to teach them some basic rules and make it mandatory to follow them. One, the gun should always be treated as loaded as that makes kids always handle the gun carefully. Two, the kids should never look at the barrel closely. An accidentally released pellet could cause blindness. Third, before fixing the target of the pellet, you should not place your finger on the trigger. If you press the trigger accidentally, the pellet could hit an unintended target and cause injury. Fourth, always wear protective gear, both in the body and the eye, while playing. Lastly, you should supervise your kids for at least a few days while they play with their guns in the backyard.

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