5 thoughts on “Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Birdshot For Home Defense

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  2. Yes, one little guber of lead, now how did it feel? Was it like being hit with a sledge hammer swung by chuck norris? If it sucks so bad let us try a live fire test and you be the subject. If you get up afterwards, shrug it off and say, that was nothing, controversy ended…

  3. Re: Mr. Baker’s comments above, the issue is not whether “bird shot” will stop an assailant under optimal conditions – it can, and will, if the shot is well-placed and the assailant is wearing conventional everyday clothing.

    The issue is whether or not “bird shot” will **quickly** stop an assailant under **less than optimal** conditions. Those conditions include, but are not limited to:

    – Poor shot placement, such as in a non-vital region (let’s also remember that assailants rarely stand still while waiting for you to aim)

    – Assailant wearing thick or multiple layers of clothing

    – Assailant weating bullet resistant clothing (vest, etc). Note that even buckshot can be stopped by relatively light body armor

    – Assailant on drugs, etc.

    All that said, one must agree that having a shotgun at hand, regardless of what it’s loaded with, is far superior to a knife, stick or heaven forbid – nothing – with which to defend oneself.

  4. Thanks for sharing. A lot of people are comfortable with feeling like they know how to defend their home since they own a firearm, but they often don’t consider stopping power.

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