Four Reasons Why You Should Exercise Your Second Amendment Rights

The issue of gun control is something that’s been plastered over the news for quite some time now. While many cities and states continue to crack down on different types of firearms, there’s no denying that the right our founding fathers gave us is being infringed upon.

Now is important more than ever to exercise your second amendment rights and become a gun owner. If for whatever reason you feel that owning a gun isn’t something for you, check out these four reasons why you should consider purchasing a firearm.

Safety and Protection

They say that the first rule of gun safety is owning one. Owning a firearm can guarantee a level of safety and protection that no other item can. Keeping a gun in your home means you can sleep better at night, whether you live in an inner-city apartment or a sprawling ranch out in the country. Let’s face it; danger is out there, and when it comes to your front door, are you going to be able to deal with it?

An informed and trained gun owner is someone who people want to be around when a situation gets dangerous. He or she knows what to do and how to react, and owning a gun can make that reaction that much more safe.


Those that have never shot a gun before do not realize the thrill of it. Whether it’s for target shooting, skeet shooting, hunting, or anything else, owning a gun for sport is something that’s both fun and relaxing.

Never shot a gun before? You’re missing out. A local gun range like can help you learn the ropes of shooting for sport. Your local shooting range is probably the best place to start if you’re interested in owning a gun for sport, but you can also probably take gun safety classes there too.

Shooting is an Olympic sport, and the United States holds more gold medals in gun related Olympic activities than any other nation. If you want your shot at a gold medal, you better start shooting today.

Concealed Carry

Another major reason why you should exercise your second amendment right and purchase a firearm is so you can carry it concealed. Concealed carry means you will be the safest person in the room, and have the necessary license and training to make sure you’re on top of any negative situation.

Concealed carry has a lot to do with safety and protection, but it also has a lot to do with just peace of mind. When an intruder walks into an elementary school with an AR-15, the police usually aren’t there to respond, but a dad dropping off his son with a concealed weapon is.

It’s Your Right

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Those words have held true since 1791, and they are not going anywhere soon. Just as it’s your constitutionally given right to pray to who you want and protest what you want, it’s your right to own a gun.

In a day and age where the government seems to be infringing on our rights, it’s now important more than ever to own a gun in order to defend your rights. Purchasing a gun is something that you should, as an American, welcome and embrace. It’s about more than just defending your property or family; it’s also about defending your rights and your freedom.

About the author: Ted Levin is a freelance journalist currently researching gun laws in America, and how they’re changing. Ted has written on a wide variety of topics ranging from backcountry camping to worldwide travel.

3 thoughts on “Four Reasons Why You Should Exercise Your Second Amendment Rights

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  2. I agree with the points of your article, but feel compelled to correct two things. First, our Founding Fathers did not gives us the right to keep and bear arms; and second, the Constitution does not give us the right to pray to any God. Our Founding Fathers were very clear that no man, nor any document gives these rights to us. These rights are manifest in us at birth, and cannot be given or taken away by man. The Constitution protects these rights from over reaching government.

    Please forgive me, if this sounds like a lecture, that was not my intent. I’m sure these are things that you are fully aware of, but sadly many people that I speak to are not. Again I apologize for any undesirable tone.

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