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Gun safety is a hot-button issue these days. Violence is always front page news, but there’s a large middle ground between the headlines and the average homeowner who wants to safely and legally protect their property and their rights. Here are some tips to help ensure gun safety in the home.

– Unless you’re in a defensive situation, always point your muzzle where it can do no harm in case of accidental discharge.

– Keep your finger away from the trigger when cleaning or showing your gun.

– Read the manual for your particular firearm thoroughly.

– Firearms safety training is a must for you and every member of your household.

– Keep your firearms in a safe when not in use and never allow children to access them.

– Store all ammunition in a locked cabinet or safe that’s separate from where you store your firearms.

– Use a gun safety lock that makes the gun inoperable when you’re not using it.

– Make sure you clean and unload your gun before locking it after you return from the shooting range or your hunting trip.

Guns aren’t just for protection. There’s a huge segment that collects them for their aesthetic and historical value. Whether you’re a sportsman, a collector, or just an average citizen who wants to protect your home and family, you can find safety equipment like fire resistant gun safes at and other websites that provide products to keep your possessions secure and protect your investment.

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  1. I agree with some of your points, but not all. You should always be concerned with where you are pointing a firearm (loaded or not) and training and understanding of your particular gun is paramount. However, many people believe that at least one gun should be available for self defense or home defense purposes on very short notice. So unloading it and storing the ammo separately is not going to be possible in these cases.

    If you have a proper gun safe, and it is used to secure the firearm away from children and other unauthorized users, there is no reason you can PROPERLY store a loaded firearm. If needed, one can quickly operate the locking mechanism and have access to a potentially life saving tools in seconds. This doesn’t endanger anyone in the household, as long as you are rigorous about how you maintain security of your firearms.

  2. OVer the last 4 months, I’ve been building a new website for a local safe business here in Las Vegas, NV. During that time, I’ve learned quite a bit about gun safes and the sneaky ways that some of them are marketed. Until I started learning these things, I thought I had a decent gun safe. Turns out what I had was OK but far from sufficient for protecting my stuff from any sort of professional thief. As part of my payment for the website work, I was given my choice of any safe in the shop. I chose a Browning Platinum Plus 49 based on the security features as well as the very useful AXIS adjustable shelf system.

    If you’re in the market for a gun safe, don’t cheap out and get something sub-par. Do a little research and make the best educated decision you can.

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  4. It seems that every days’ news presents the sadness for some family somewhere that has lost a child to a gun. I’m not talking losing a child to HUNTING and guns, but on a much more serious note, I’m talking about losing a child to a gun shot wound. Too many people leave guns around allowing easy access for young, inquiring minds to explore.

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