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Short version:
I think I may have a new favorite gun.

Long version:
The local high school that I graduated from way back in 1995 ran a gun raffle to support the football team. Monday evening I got a call to notify me that I was one of the 52 winners. I stopped by the gun store (conveniently right across the street from the high school) Wednesday afternoon. The gun I won from the raffle was a Kahr Arms MK9. I already have a similar pistol, so decided to use the value of the Kahr towards another gun: the FNX-9, manufactured by FNH USA.

Wednesday evening, I played around with the gun to get a feel for the trigger and handling. All felt great and I really liked it. Popped in the Laser Ammo and was very surprised at how well the gun pointed and how nice the trigger was. My wife said I was like a kid with a new toy. Guilty as charged.

Angry Birds Targets

Angry Birds Targets

My four year old son has a bunch of Angry Bird stickers on one wall that I used as targets. I was able to reliably hit the birds and pigs. There were a few that were difficult but in under 3 tries I was able to hit even the smallest of them. The stickers ranged from 5.5″ (red bird near the king pig) to 1.25″ (white bird all the way on the far right) in size. Measured out the distance to the stickers, and the green helmet wearing pig on the far left was 23 feet from where I stood, while the small white bird on the far right was 34 feet from me.

I test fired this afternoon the FNX-9 today.

Trigger has a little bit of take-up, but it is a very clean break. No stacking or grittiness noticeable.

Recoil is very soft, with minimal muzzle rise. The recoil spring is a captive one (meaning it is permanently attached to the guide rod) and must be stiff because it really dampens the recoil. I need to take them side by side but I believe that the FNX-9 may have less recoil than the Beretta 92FS.

The third round did not feed properly. The tip was angled up a bit. I hit the magazine release and pulled the mag, ejected the round and put it back in to the magazine. Re-inserted the magazine and racked the slide and proceeded to fire the remainder of the magazine (15 rounds) without issue. I blame the third round not feeding on the stiffness of the magazine spring. When loading the magazine for the first time, it was extremely difficult after loading the fourteenth round. Number seventeen was almost impossible. I felt it in my thumb for a couple of hours afterward. Upon reloading the magazine today the amount of force needed to load the magazine fully was considerably less. I did not have to exert any undue pressure, even on round seventeen.

Shots hit right where they were aimed, as to be expected. The gun is capable of accuracy greater than my ability to shoot.

Brass reliably ejected in an area roughly 8-12 inches in diameter. Two brass casings did not end up in the pile with the rest.

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