Woman Fatally Shoots Man With Rifle At Gas Station Then Takes Pictures Of His Body On Phone

A Houston woman fatally shot a man during an argument on Sunday night at a local gas station. The entire altercation was captured on the gas station’s security camera and some images were reportedly captured on the woman’s own cellphone camera.

Surveillance video shows the female shooter, who has not been identified, retrieving a .22-cal. rifle from the trunk of her car and pointing it at the ground as she faced off with a man reportedly armed with an umbrella and a pocket knife.

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And then there’s a follow-up on this one as well…

The woman who was caught on camera fatally shooting a man at a southeast Houston gas station on Sunday, spoke publically for the first time on Tuesday afternoon.

Shanequia McDonald, 23, maintains she was forced to open fire on 58-year-old Lewis Daniels after he threatened her. However, Daniels’ family said the argument began over money and that they had argued before.

“He was a smoker,” said Nicole Brown, Daniels’ daughter. “He owed her $30.”

She heard on the streets that “she asked for her money” but he didn’t have it.

“I just went to the gas station to get gas,” McDonald said. “I didn’t go to hurt or harm anyone.”

She acknowledged recognizing Daniels by stating “he is from around this area” but she also said she did not personally know him.

McDonald said Daniels made sexual advances, threatening her with an umbrella in one hand, and a pocket knife in the other. The video shows the two arguing. She pulled a rifle from her trunk and he lunged at her before she raised the weapon.

“She shot in the ground and she did not know the bullet ricocheted in the ground and hit him like it did,” said community activist Quanell X, who called the press conference.

He also explained why McDonald took a picture right after the shooting. “She took out a phone to take a picture of the knife he had in his hand so no one would say that the man did not have a knife,” Quanell X said.

McDonald left before police arrived, indicating she was fearful of his friends. She returned home and had her mother call authorities.

They are two women with different sides to the same story, but a strikingly similar pain.

“I’m very hurt and I never meant for anything like this to go on,” McDonald said.

McDonald did not talk to reporters about any of the actual events since she is expected to testify before a grand jury.

Both McDonald, who fired the rifle, and Daniels who was killed, have previous convictions for drugs and assault.

Source: http://www.khou.com/news/local/Women-tell-conflicting-stories-about-deadly-shooting-in-SE-Houston-216697941.html

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