USPS Unable To Ban Guns in Their Parking Lots

According to a Denver Post report, a Federal Court has ruled that the United States Post Office violated a man’s rights when they banned firearms in their parking lot.

The judge upheld the ban on firearms within Post Office buildings themselves, but said the same ban cannot apply to a gun a left in a car in the parking lot.

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One thought on “USPS Unable To Ban Guns in Their Parking Lots

  1. So would this ruling have any applicability to the Department of Defense were individuals are not even allowed to have a firearm in their vehicle unless they are going to-from an authorized target range on the installation? Under current DoD policy–delegated down to individual installation commanders–employees that live off the installation cannot have a firearm if they are on the installation and there is no place they can leave their firearm at the entrances to the installations. As a result, they have to go unarmed during their commute to-from work. It would seem that the same rationale the Federal Court applied to the USPS would also apply for DoD?

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