TrackingPoint Aims To Produce “Super Gun” With 3000-Yard Single-Shot Accuracy

Ars has written several times before about Austin-based TrackingPoint, producers of “precision guided firearms,” or PGFs. TrackingPoint’s current set of products is a range of bolt-action hunting rifles which use a large computerized scope to assist their users in making shots at distances up to about 1000 yards (about 915 meters). The system works well enough that even novice rifle users can reliably place rounds on target at that distance, as we found out when we demoed several PGFs back in March.

TrackingPoint’s initial run of PGFs have almost all been pre-sold, and the company is looking to expand in a big way: they plan to construct a technology demonstrator tentatively called the “Super Gun,” which will be able to fire a large projectile and achieve a typical PGF’s single-shot accuracy at distances out to more than 3000 yards—that’s about 1.7 miles, or 2.7 kilometers.

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