The Seven Deadly Sins of Handgun Shooting: Not Flipping the Bird

How many stories do we have to read about some average Joe (usually not Jane as they are better at paying attention) shooting himself in the leg, or worse? None of these are accidents in the strictest sense. To me, an accident is a fluke of nature, engineering, and animal husbandry. Like those times when lightning strikes your pistol, disengages the safety, melts part of the sear, and blasts the firing pin forward. Those times are legitimate accidents. The other ninety-nine point-nine percent of cases are what I call “negligents.” I know “negligents” is not a word, but it fits the same theme as “accidents” so bear with me. I think it has potential. Given that modern guns just won’t fire unless a trigger is pulled, it seems to me there’s an easy way to prevent all those negligents from ever happening: get people to keep their dang fingers off the triggers unless they really mean to shoot something!

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