Some Customers Upset Over US Bank’s Concealed Carry Rules

The man walked into US Bank with a concealed carry permit and his weapon. He took care of his business and left.

Now the bank says he’ll be in trouble if he does it again.

US Bank sent a letter to a customer that upset some people with concealed carry licenses.

According to Wisconsin law, concealed weapons are allowed in banks. Companies can prohibit them with personal policies, but most places with bans inform customers by posting signs at the entrances.

Many banks in the area don’t prohibit concealed weapons in their buildings. Customers are upset that, even though US Bank has the ban, they don’t have signs at their locations.

Some bank executives say banning them probably wouldn’t make a difference.


My question is that if the man’s firearm was concealed, how did the bank know know to send him a letter stating that concealed firearms are prohibited in their buildings?

2 thoughts on “Some Customers Upset Over US Bank’s Concealed Carry Rules

  1. My bank, actually credit union, has signs up prohibiting concealed carry. Unfortunately, for them, they are the OLD VERSION of the signage.

    I smile every time I walk by them carrying concealed.

  2. What good is a concealed weapon permit if places prohibit. They would welcome your assistance if they where in a jam!! You know!! Take a look at www. Telortactical .com and they will continue to smile because I purchased a great ankle holster from them and I forget that I have it on all the time. Thank goodness, but the laws in NC are getting more lenient on places that prohibit!!

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