Obama Administration Pushing For Green Bullets

If you think it’s tough to get ammunition now you are not going to believe what the Obama Administration is trying to do now.

They are pushing states to mandate lead free bullets, otherwise known as green bullets. Political strategist Matt Mackowiak told KTRH that this is just another way to put restrictions on guns.

“It’s pretty unnecessary and really kind of silly,” strategist Matt Mackowiak told KTRH.

So what is the President trying to do with this green bullet push?

“I’m not sure what the end game is. Maybe they are trying to make traditional ammunition scarce or if this is part of their strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” Mackowiak explained. “My guess is that this is a small piece of a larger plan and it’s getting attention now because it’s ridiculous.”

Speaking of an ammunition shortage, Mike Clark of Collector’s Firearms says it is happening.

“There’s some shortages with ammo. We suspect some of it has been bought up by the government. With what ammo we do get we’ve been rationing it to be fair to our customers so that everybody gets some,” Clark stated.

Mackowiak says what Obama is doing is a continuation of a trend.

“They will try to get whatever they can done through Executive Orders because they are having a tough time getting it through Congress,” Mackowiak said.

Those that support green bullets say that lead bullet fragments used in hunting have poisons that can harm children and developing fetuses.

Source: http://www.ktrh.com/articles/houston-news-121300/obama-administration-pushing-for-green-bullets-11492949/