Drones Over the USA

With the explosion of drone technology in use today by our government, it may prove useful to learn a little bit about the types of drones that could be flying over our heads soon. Who knows, these types of drones may be flying over the United States at this very moment. It’s quite likely that there are numerous drones with capabilities that far exceed what is listed in the graphic below. In fact, I would be willing to bet money on that very fact.

I am fortunate to like in one of the five states that have recently passed legislation regulating the use of drones. Nine additional states are in the process of passing similar legislation to ban the use of drones.

While drones are prohibited from being equipped with weapons within the United States, there is no telling if and/or when that regulation may be amended to allow for drones to be outfitted with weapons. That means that if you’re looking to take up a career as a drone bounty hunter – where you are legally able to shoot drones out of the skies – then there’s no time like the present to get to Colorado and apply for the job. Better to shoot them down now before they have the opportunity to shoot back.

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