Oakland City Council Considering Ban On ‘Destructive Items’ During Protests

A proposal to ban hammers, wrenches, shields, sling shots, paint projectiles and other potentially destructive items at protests will be considered by the Oakland City Council at its meeting on Tuesday night.

The ordinance prohibiting so-called “tools of violence and vandalism” during a demonstration is being proposed by Councilman Noel Gallo, who said in a letter to his colleagues that it’s designed to counter violence that occurred during recent protests against the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida.

Gallo said the damage to businesses in downtown Oakland and the adjacent Chinatown district included broken windows, graffiti and arson. In addition, a waiter at the restaurant Flora was hit in the face with a hammer, he said.

Gallo said the ordinance is needed because “the Oakland Police Department needs additional tools to help protect life and property in our city.”

Wow… California, really?

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California Attorney General to Feds: No Handguns For You

Apparently, Attorney General (AG) Kamala Harris has changed California State Department of Justice policy and is now limiting federal law enforcement agents’ ability to acquire handguns. The AG says the feds can only buy firearms listed on the Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale (like the rest of us).

Understandably, federal law enforcement officers aren’t happy about it. Welcome feds, to the California disarmament festival.

California law restricts the types of handguns people can acquire through licensed firearm dealers (PC 32000). As backwards as it sounds, before most Californians can acquire a handgun, that firearm must not be considered “unsafe.” To not be considered “unsafe,” handguns must pass performance tests and have certain features that (in theory only) make the firearms allegedly safer (PC 31910). Most problematic for the California public is the recent development that before any semiautomatic pistol can be added to the Roster of guns approved for sale they must be equipped with “microstamping” technology (PC 31910(b)(7)). Starting a couple months ago, this easily circumvented engraving technology is now required on new semiautomatic pistols before they can be added to the approved roster (pistols submitted for safety testing when “microstamping” was certified, on May 17, 2013, can still be added to the Roster).

California citizens are just as frustrated as federal law enforcement officers with the situation. When the roster of available pistols they can purchase dwindles down to a limited few – because manufacturers are refusing to implement “microstamping” – federal law enforcement’s objections will grow louder. And if pending legislation (SB 293) concerning “smart guns” passes and is signed by the Governor, federal law enforcement will also be forced to choose from an even more limited number of models … just like civilians.

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1000 Yard Shot With The 300 Blackout

After Advanced Armament Corp (AAC) and Remington introduced it few years back, the 300 Blackout caliber has became the 2nd most popular AR-15 caliber after the .223 Rem/5.56mm. The AAC 300 Blackout has the advantage of using the same magazine and bolt group as the standard 5.56mm caliber on the AR-15 platform. Unlike the smaller .223 Rem caliber, the 300 Blackout could be easily suppressed with its wide selection of subsonic loads. Although it was developed specifically for a shorter engagement range of 100-300 meters, I always wondered how the 300 Blackout rounds would perform at longer distances.

When Travis Haley showed the video of him hitting steel targets at 800 yards with subsonic 300 Blackout rounds fired from a suppressed 8-in barrel AR-15, many were surprised and some were skeptical. Now I can confirm that not only is possible, but I have gone a step further and scored hits at 1000 yards with a 300 Blackout supersonic round.

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