The Truth About Posers

In today’s issue of The Shooting Wire, Paul Markel is fed up with folks giving bad advice.

Give it a read, and then come back here to let me know if I fit in to the Blog Commando category. I try not to fall in to that role, but I want to know if I am being successful, or if I need to alter my ways.

Read the article:

One thought on “The Truth About Posers

  1. Aaron, Great Blog.
    I agree with some of this article. However, the first example impresses me that he didn’t gather more info before passing judgment. Maybe the clerk did possess more qualifications. Over half of ones I have worked with at times are either current\retired law enforcement or military, some with training experience. Did he bother to ask? Granted the clerk could have said it better. Something like, ” you will need to practice with this regularly to make sure you can hit your target accurately since it only holds 5 rounds” or something to that effect. Was it established that she could comfortably operate a Glock 19 or other semi auto? What should he have sold her, a XDm with 19 round mags and told her just keep shooting until you hit the guy, never mind you can’t pull the slide back? What is the average number of shots normally fired in private citizen self defense situations with a handgun? 2? 3? 10? more? By extension is he saying that everyone who doesn’t carry a high cap semi auto is a bozo?

    If she did not have the hand strength or finger agility\length to operate a higher capacity semi-auto ( I see many women and some men that don’t) then a revolver is a choice that can be of service to that person given their limitations. Is it a better\perfect choice? you may not think so if YOU can operate something better, but if it is the best the person who’s buying can handle reliably, shoot accurately, and have confidence in their abilities with, then yes it is the right choice. If a .22 fits this definition, then it is the right choice.

    I may not have all of the many qualifications of the writer but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night……

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