Open Or Concealed?

David Reeder gives his thoughts and solicited opinions from several prominent figures in the industry.

What are your thoughts on open vs. concealed carry? I know that in the Texas heat, it would be easier to carry a larger gun if we had the ability to openly carry our firearms.

2 thoughts on “Open Or Concealed?

  1. Wow, another article knocking Open Carry because of what “might” happen. Someone might be shot first, someone might grab the gun, someone might be upset.

    I have Open Carried only on my own property but I would OC in public. First and foremost as you mentioned; the heat in Texas. It isn’t just a large firearm though; just about any firearm carried on the belt or shoulder holster is more comfortable without a cover garment.

    I find the argument about “deterrence” versus “the first indication of a defensive” weapon to be unconvincing on the part of Concealing. I don’t get the idea that it is better to be reacting to a threat already in progress than to prevent one from happening completely. And it is supposedly better to have to draw from concealment instead of an open holster in those situations?
    We’ve seen situations where the bad guys completely missed the openly carried firearm; they also suffer from tunnel vision and lack of situational awareness.

    I would prefer to Open Carry in most situations and Conceal only as appropriate; not the other way around.

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