Mikhail Kalashnikov In Serious Condition

Mikhail Kalashnikov, the world’s most renown gun designer of our time and inventor of the iconic AK-47, was flown to a hospital in Moscow this weekend, according to reports. He is in serious condition.

The AK pattern is the most popular rifle design in the world, with countless rifles and pistols based on the design numbering well over 100 million.

Kalashnikov has had heart issues recently, receiving treatment in his home town of Izhevsk, which is also home to the small arms giant Izhmash, where his rifles are manufactured for use around the world.

“Due to the emergence of the need for medical observation, the doctors have decided to send Mikhail Timofeyevich [Kalashnikov] to one of Moscow clinics,” said emergencies ministry spokeswoman Irina Rossius to RIA Novosti.

“During the flight, the best doctors of the Emergency Ministry’s Centrospas [air search and rescue] team and the all-Russian Disaster Medicine Center ‘protection’ will accompany the legendary rifle maker to monitor his health condition,” she added.

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