Bushmaster CEO Breaks Silence On Newtown School Shooting

“It’s very easy to blame an inanimate object. Any kind of instrument in the wrong hands can be put to evil use. This comes down to intent — criminal behavior, accountability and responsibility,” Mr. Kollitides said in an exclusive interview last week. The killer’s mother, Nancy Lanza, taught her son to shoot and is said to have given him access to the gun safes.

“He killed the gun’s owner, stole her car, stole her gun and then went to a school and killed innocent kids. No background checks could have prevented that. He illegally obtained the guns,” he told me in his small New York office. “Only two things could have potentially stopped him: his mother locking up her guns and an armed guard. Even then, he could have driven his stolen car into a playground full of kids. He was intent on killing, which we know is already illegal.”

Read the rest of the article: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/jun/14/bushmaster-ceo-reflects-on-newtown/

One thought on “Bushmaster CEO Breaks Silence On Newtown School Shooting

  1. There is another thing that would have prevented the killing. That is correct diagnosis and appropriate management of the killer’s dangerous mental state. Everyone is afraid to mention the elephant in the room. Newtown, Aurora. Tucson, Virginia Tech, in case after case there is a common element.

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