Texas Legislative Call To Action

Saturday, May 4th, is being dubbed “Gun Bill Saturday.” The following gun bills will be debated on the House floor:

HB47 – Reduction of CHL class hours (SB864 will likely be substituted) – SUPPORT!
HB48 – Removes the requirement to take a renewal class to renew your CHL. – SUPPORT!
HB485 – Relating to the CHL fee for peace officers and military veterans – Neutral
HB508 – Creates large civil penalty for governmental entities posting unenforceable 30.06 signs. – SUPPORT!!
HB698 – Requires DPS to establish an alternative to digital fingerprints by L1 for people living more than 25 miles from L1 – Support.
HB801 – Requires Hunter Education Courses to include warnings about rounds leaving the property; also requires the posting of “School Nearby” signs. – OPPOSE.
HB1009 – Creation of new “school marshal” program. The bill is too narrow and will prevent thousands of volunteers – OPPOSE.
HB1304 – Changes code from “failure to conceal” to intentionally “displays” a handgun; and corrects McDermott decision. SB299 will likely be substituted – SUPPORT!!!!
HB1421 – Creates an option to sell certain seized firearms rather than destroy those guns. Support
HB1349 – Prevents DPS from requiring the disclosure of social security number on CHL new or renewal applications. – Neutral.

Please call and/or fax your Representative and ask them to support HB 47, 48, 508, 698, 972, 1304, and 1421, including the Senate substitutes of SB864 for HB47 and SB299 for HB1304. Please ask them to oppose HB801 (too costly for no gain) and HB1009 (too restrictive). It’s your call on the “neutral” bills.

Thanks to Charles Cotton (Texas CHL Forum) for the notice.