Texas HB3412 Sent To Governor

HB3412 is now on its way to the governor’s office, awaiting Rick Perry’s signature. This bill removes the restriction on what type of firearm someone is allowed to carry. In the past, if you qualified with a revolver, you were limited to carrying a revolver. If you qualified with a semiauto then you could carry a revolver or semiauto. Now that the restriction has been lifted, it does not matter what type of firearm used in qualification.


2 thoughts on “Texas HB3412 Sent To Governor

  1. Glad to hear Texas is doing away with this restriction. I think it came from old police training that was popular back in the 80’s as a lot of departments transitioned from revolver to semi. Many departments (and some states) had the same rule about carrying on duty. Stupid in hindsight, but a lot of people thought it made sense then.

  2. In reply to Richard’s comment of May 28, 2013.
    As a Police firearms instructor in the 80’s, I can assure you the law on Police Officers carrying a like firearm on duty was not stupid. Proper use of a weapon in an emergency situation relies on instinct and training. Trying to reload an automatic or “wheel” gun with a disabled hand or in a weapons jam is totally different. Training for and with automatic weapons is more technical and intense. A jam or misfire with a revolver usually requires pulling the trigger again. Not so with an automatic.

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