McMillan Group International Press Release

From Kelly McMillan;

Since the issue with BofA over a year ago, I have been working on a project to support businesses in the firearms industry. I am not quite where i wanted to be when announcing this project but it has been brought to my attention that there has been another corporate decision by a financial company to try and adversely effect our industry. Because I have been in the firearms industry for 40 years, and have been successful, I wanted to do something that would allow me to give back to the industry.

ATTENTION everyone using Quick Books for your accounting and using Intuit to process your credit card transaction. Just yesterday a close friend in the firearms industry was given notice that Intuit would no longer process their credit card transactions and they had one day to find another provider. I think we should assume that if they have any indication you do firearms transactions, they will cancel your services as well.

It was coincidence that I found out about this particular issue when I was in my friends office to tell him that I am starting a new business. After talking to thousands of people and hearing hundreds of stories about businesses in the firearms industry being denied financial services because of the industry we are in, it became clear to me that there is a real need to start developing a firearms industry supportive financial network. One of the most difficult services for us to get is merchant services. I have heard literally hundreds of stories about businesses being denied credit card processing because they company refused to handle firearms transactions.

So, though it is a little premature because I have a few things left to secure before I can proceed full speed ahead, it want to let everyone know I am developing a merchant services company that is partnered with a bank that is 100% behind our industry, and at services gateway company that shares our commitment. This is what I can promise every business owner out there,

” I will provide you with merchant services at the very lowest price possible, will stand behind you and you business every step. Our partner bank and gateway provider will support all of our industry businesses and you won’t have any fear that someday down the road you will get that call telling you your merchant account has been cancelled.”

The main reason for doing this is to provide the industry a service that they can count on, but we are confident that we can also save everyone money while doing it. We also plan to donate a percentage of our profits to firearms industry supportive organizations like the NRA, NSSF, SCI or other non-profit organizations.

Please pass the word. If you are in need immediately, we will work to get you set up asap. If you have service and want us to contact you when we are ready (1-2 months) you can message me with details.