Amazing Shot

37 pound rifle
Standing, unsupported
1,000 yards from shooter to target
1 shot

Hat tip to Steve over at The Firearm Blog.

5 thoughts on “Amazing Shot

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  2. The shooter is my niece’s husband – and when he was “in country” he made a few awesome shots dinging bomb-planting bad guys. He soon will be a member of the second-oldest profession – yes, he will be a lawyer. (for Remington Arms)

  3. As they say, one shot, one …. Glad to see him making a stand for the good guys. Who owns Remington these days, Soros still have a piece? If so, deal with it appropriately. God guns n grub, guys n gals, the new 5G network. Educate others to the tyranny and prepare wisely.

  4. AWESOME SHOT!! I’ll bet Colby was pissin’ his britches when he saw it hit on I miss getting to shoot big guns,durnitt!

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