Should You Choose Wired or Wireless Home Security?

Choosing an alarm or security system for your home is something takes a bit of consideration. You must engage in a fair amount of research in order to ensure that you have selected the system that best fits your needs. One aspect that may become a determining factor is whether you prefer a wired or a wireless system. There are significant differences in the installation of both types of systems and a few pros and cons for each that you should consider.

Wired Systems

A wired system generally involves the use of sensors that can be installed on your windows and doors. These sensors are the wired to the main panel for your security system. The wiring is not actually seen. In fact, it is typically placed under the baseboards or carpeting which hides it from view. You can also add security cameras and motion sensors that will be linked to the main panel and these types of systems typically come with a keypad installed. There are a variety of accessories that can be chosen to go along with a wired system and each offers its own unique benefit.

Wireless Systems

Wireless systems work in much the same way. There are sensors placed on windows and doors but instead of linking these sensors via wiring that is hidden away, the sensors transmit information to the main panel using a wireless technology that is not completely unlike wireless internet routers. The main benefit of a wireless system is that it does not require drilling into the walls or flooring so they are a bit easier to install and a bit less messy than a wired system. They also have keypads and cameras and motion detectors can be integrated into a wireless system just like they can with a wired system.

Choosing Between the Two

There are of course advantages and disadvantages to each type of home security system. A wired system will give you clear functions without any interference from other devices like your neighbor’s security system. They will also immediately send out a signal whenever the wires have been cut. The main disadvantage to a wired system is that it takes a bit longer to install and involves drilling holes in order to install it. It also makes it a bit more difficult should you choose to move and want to take the security system with you.

Wireless systems are easier to install and can easily be relocated should you decide to move. They can however, pick up signals from baby monitors and other wireless security systems near your home which can sometimes trigger a false alarm.

Choosing between the two is going to come down to how much convenience you require and your personal preferences. Either of these systems is going to give you the home security that you need and there are additional accessories for both types should you choose to enhance your home security. You may simply need to determine whether or not you want the holes drilled into your walls to install a wired system or whether or not you feel that the risk of a false alarm is worth the wireless system. It all boils down to your home and how you feel you will be best served regarding security your home and protecting your family.

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