PROS and CONS of a Woman security officer

Women are basically empowered in society today that they are now entering different business sectors that were originally male centered. Women have been given so much freedom that it has allowed them to explore new careers and defy gender roles. We have more women managers, engineers, and IT specialists now. They have now even entered the Police force and even the army. These women play a very important role in installing and keeping homes and neighborhoods safe with home security systems. We are now in the age of empowered women and they arise in different industries today. In this article, we will discuss on the pros and cons of a women security officer.

PROS of a Woman Security Officer
Being a police officer is not an easy task. One really needs grim determination to be able to hurdle the tasks and responsibilities that police officers face day in and day out. As police officers are really meant to prevent crime and instill the prevailing laws that a country has, women police officers also need to overcome the stigma of being seen as week and incapable. That is why you can be sure that a woman police officer’s success rate in solving crime or protecting the homeland is statistically higher or better than that of males. This is because as a minority, they are trying to prove themselves, thus they work harder to get better. Women police officers then have this task of not just being at par with their male counterparts. They need to be better to earn their place in the police force. They need to be able to prevent laws from being broken by being vigilant and patrolling neighborhoods and forming neighborhood watches. They need to be able to respond the emergencies, to investigate crime by collecting evidences and arresting criminals. At some point, they also need to testify in court. Often times, just to be at par with their male counterparts, women will be more educated, or will get more training just so they could earn and garner the respect needed in their line of work.

Being a police officer also gives women a fair shot at providing for their families. This was solely the responsibility of men before. So if there is no man providing for the family, the set-up becomes hard and complicated. Now, women are given more choices in their chosen career and need not go do what is expected of them. This then keeps a lot of families afloat as women are contributing financially and sharing the responsibility of providing for their families.

Cons of a Woman Security Officer
If one were to really look at the roles of men and women, one would see that they are polar opposites but each very much complementing each other. It really is a yin and yang. Women by design are supposed to be caring and nurturing. Men are supposed to exhibit strength and be the protectors. Women are supposed to give birth to babies, men are supposed to put boundaries around those babies and discipline them. This is the concept behind the fundamental block of society, the family. That is why it is so hard to take a woman who is in the police force so seriously. They will always be associated as being soft. So what happens when the gender roles are switched? Then we start producing masculine women and we emasculate the men. Women to appear strong and tough, will change their appearance, will change their demeanor and will change their initial design. There then becomes a gender neutrality or even confusion. With the onset of women police officers, people may be confused with the role these women play in society and how to react to them as they are working against their design.

Women can pretty much do whatever pleases them. They can have babies, make pie, and be the best homemakers. Or they can have high flying careers and provide for their families. In our day and age, it is very hard to strike a balance in ideals that have been set by tradition, society, and other institutions. One needs to really gauge the Pros and Cons of a specific action before deciding on a particular matter.

Lara Chamley is head of security at one of Melbourne’s luxury apartment villages. She conducts a yearly talk on home security and has recently started a business training women self-defense.

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