Thrall Police Chief To Offer Free CHL Courses

A local police chief is becoming the first in Central Texas to offer the citizens of his town free concealed handgun license classes.

Thrall Police Chief Whitney Whitworth says he wants residents in his rural town to be able to protect themselves and their families.

The town of fewer than 1,000 citizens has two full-time police officers and three volunteer officers. Whitworth says when seconds matter you can’t always just rely on police to protect you.

“This day and age, budgets are being cut and law enforcement is getting stretched to the limit,” said Whitworth.

That’s why he’s offering the free classes to all thrall residents who qualify. He’s even holding a special class for thrall teachers.

“Our first class did involve three instructors or three teachers. All three qualified. Definitely not the school you want to pick on,” said Whitworth.

Mayor Troy Marx says he doesn’t plan to take Whitworth’s CHL course, but encourages residents who are interested to do so.

“It makes people aware of guns and how you can use them safely. I think what the chief is doing is a great idea because there may be a lot of people who can’t afford a concealed handgun class that may want to take it.”

You can find more information on the Thrall Police Department Facebook page.


I love this idea. Good for you Mr. Whitworth!