The Best Places to Install Home Safes

For peace of mind it is always a smart idea to have home safes installed to store your valuables. Before going out and purchasing one you should determine where the best place is in your home to have it installed. These factors should be taken into consideration before you decide where to have your safe installed:
• What exactly you want to store in the safe
• How often you will need to access the items in the safe
• The type and weight of your chosen safe
If you will be using the safe to store things you will need access to frequently, security experts recommend keeping the safe as close to where you are going to use the things in it as possible. Otherwise you will be wasting a lot of time making unnecessary trips back and forth.

When you are using your safe to store items such as expensive watches or jewelry, the safe should be located in your master bedroom or nearby bedroom, or office. To save yourself a sore back, you might want to elevate the safe on top of either a strong shelf or pedestal. If you are a gun owner and you want to store firearms in your safe, make sure the safe is either close to or in your bedroom. Home safes that are specifically designed to only shelter one or two firearms can be bolted to the inside of your closet, under your bed, or on an end table next to your bed.
In the event that you are storing items in the safe that you will only need occasionally, experts recommend a spot that is out of the way of you and your family’s daily activities, a garage for example. If your safe will be used to store any collections you might have you should consider putting it either in your family room or a closet you can easily access. If you are a gun collector and not planning on firing any of the guns in the near future you could always use a gun case that can be displayed on a wall in your house. A fireproof safe should be used to store things such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, and any other important documents. These should most likely be kept in either your garage or office, as well.

Depending on what kind of safe you choose to use, you may not have a choice as to where to put it. Home safes that are designated as floor safes pretty much need to be installed either in a room of your house or your garage. If you are using a wall safe, put it someplace where it is not very obvious to visitors.

Blake Pappas has a background in criminal justice and sociology. He currently works in marketing and is a firearm enthusiast.

5 thoughts on “The Best Places to Install Home Safes

  1. Putting any safe in your garage is simply foolish. The only worse place to put it would be on the curb next to your mailbox.

  2. I store my safe in the garage. I have a basement and the subfloor of the main floor cannot support the weight of the safe. I keep a humidifier in it and plan to bolt it to the concrete.

  3. I have two safes- one is a “dummy” (strictly for paperwork, files, two damaged and rusted rifles, and some ammo) which is displayed and floor-bolted in my master bedroom.
    The other is recessed into a wall behind a very large book case that is “hidden hinged’ to the wall framing. THAT one is my ‘go to’ safe.

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  5. I have a wall safe in my home and it is intallled behind a big painiting. My architect suggested me this place. I think this is a better idea to install safe at homes or shops.

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