12 Reasons To Hunt With An AR Pattern Rifle

Will Carey wrote an excellent piece over at Guns.com on why he hunts with an AR — and why you should too.

Hi, I’m Will and like many Americans I hunt with an AR-15 style rifle. My current favorite is a camo Remington R-15 in .223 Rem. with a Trijicon scope and couple of mods on it from LaRue Tactical. I’ve used this gun or one like it to successfully take game for the past 20 seasons and over these two decades of hunting I have come to understand something on its own right: That along with scent eliminating soap and smart wool socks, the AR platform of rifles is the best piece of kit to come to hunters in the past half century. And I’m sick and tired of listening to people try to tell me otherwise.

I am sorry to burst these folks bubble but I’m not the guy who is going to show up with my hat in my hands just for doing what I know how to do best. So for those people in my life who like to question my experience and how I spend my weekends, who don’t see the ‘reasons’ why AR-15s can be the best hunting rifle tool for the job—well how about 13…