On The M1 Garand

Michael Z. Williamson shares some thoughts on the M1 Garand.

Ah, I can feel that hate now. Fanbois always hate it when you inject facts into an argument.

Let me start by saying I have nothing against the Garand for what it was—a forward-looking design for the 1920s. John C. did a fine job with the technology of the time, and it’s not his fault what happened after.

Mr Garand designed a stripper fed, gas operated self-loading rifle in a mid-sized caliber. It was very advanced, and the only advantage it lacked was a detachable magazine, which was still a subject of discussion at the time—the SMLE had it. The Mausers and Mosin Nagants did not. As designed, it had moderate recoil, and could be topped off by shoving extra rounds into the top of the action, as with every other battle rifle of the time.

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One thought on “On The M1 Garand

  1. I have one that I just bought from the CMP and it looks very good, I have yet to shoot it because I did not buy any ammo for it. To me it looks as if some sellers are trying profit to much for the GI ammo and reloadable cases. I have seen some govt. selling for nearly $3 a round and that is just greed. Apparatly the govt de manufactured most of the american made amuniton and only has Greek made left.

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