Walmart Will Not Change Practices

With the rumors flying around that Walmart will continue to sell what ammunition remains on the shelves but not order any further stock, I could not find any direct sources for the decision.

I contacted executives at Walmart and spoke with Ashley in the media relations department. She informed me that those rumors are false. Walmart will not change their practices and will continue to sell ammunition in their stores. There have not been any corporate directives to stop selling ammunition.

10 thoughts on “Walmart Will Not Change Practices

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  2. I just got this via twitter. (I referenced this blog entry in my original tweet to @gunpolicy) Not sure who @carolinatarh33l is, nor who at WalMart they talked to.

    carolinatarh33l ‣ @evilcyber @gunpolicy Just called Walmart and was told that the rumors are true…literally called 10 minutes ago (RT, ¶, @, ☆, #) 14:37

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  4. See how they did not reference ordering any new ammo, just that they wouldn’t be stopping selling any. Of course they want to get rid of what they have.

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  6. The Walmart where I live is getting new stock on 223 and other ammo all the time they just can’t keep it on the shelf they are also still getting in ar-15s with don’t stay long.The got in two Colt ar-15s and 50 boxes of 223 the other day and one man bought all of it, both guns and all ammo thats why you can’t get any.

  7. I just seen the date on the sign so I guess it could be true the store where I live just got some in on the 13th and they said they had more coming but who can tell.

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