Travis County Considers Banning Gun Shows

Banning gun shows in Travis County: that’s what commissioners are considering this week, as the national debate on gun control has made its way to Central Texas.

Nine gun shows are currently scheduled at the Travis County Expo Center, the next one in just over two weeks, but that could soon be a thing of the past.

On Tuesday, Travis County Commissioners are expected to vote on whether or not to stop leasing the Expo Center and other county facilities for gun shows.

Commissioners have said some citizens would see this as a positive step when it comes to the safety of their community, while others argue that eliminating gun shows at the publicly owned arena infringes on people’s rights.

If they cancel them, the county estimates they’d lose about $128,000 in revenue.


2 thoughts on “Travis County Considers Banning Gun Shows

  1. Any idea who we should contact (other then my district house rep) to protest this?

  2. Not too sure. If it was a city-based decision then I would recommend the Austin city council, but since it is a proposed county-level decision that would not be the right point of contact.

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