Home Security Tips Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: An Ex-Thief

A one time thief who has turned over a new leaf was eager to give advice to homeowners to help them better protect their homes and property, and here it is:

Use a Quality Alarm System

A thief can spot a cheap or fake alarm system from a mile away and this ex-thief advises homeowners to get the best system that they can for their home. A system that is monitored is going to provide you with better protection.

Defend All of Your Entrances

A thief can easily enter your property through a side or back gate, but by making sure that you make it difficult for them to get over the gate, you will be providing more efficient protection to your home. You might add a trellis to the top that will not hold the weight of someone trying to get over it. A handle on the outside of the gate is not a good idea, as it can serve as a step for a thief to make it over the gate.

Close Your Drapes

When a thief is scoping out your home, he is looking in your windows as he is passing by, the same as your would when looking at a great suit in a store window. He’s checking out everything that he can in those few seconds that it takes to go past your window. He can see your TV, computer, stereo and other items that you have that he wants. Keeping your drapes, curtains or blinds closed will allow you to hide the valuables that you have in your home. You also want to make sure that your window locks are locked and are visible to outsiders.

Secure Your Outbuildings

Make sure that your outbuildings are secured as well as your home. Consider your outbuildings an extension of your home and make sure that you have a couple of locks on each building that are tough and hard to break. You can secure any windows by placing mesh fencing material over them; this will help protect your tools and lawn equipment.

Update Your Door Locks

If you have only one lock on your entry doors, make that one of the items that you address as quickly as possible. Place a deadbolt on each door to supplement the lock on your door knob. The harder you make it for a thief to get in, the more likely he is to move on.

Protect Your Mail Slot

If your home has a mail slot in the door, make sure that you place a wire cage at the slot that will prevent a thief from using a pole or stick to snag your keys from the hall table. You’ll still be able to get your mail from the cage, but the thief won’t be able to get your keys and break into your home or steal your vehicle.

Protect your property the best way that you can by using great tips from someone with first hand experience on how easy it can be to break in to your home.

Lynn Darsow is a home security consultant. She has gleaned this information by interviewing an ex-thief. She enjoys sharing her insights on the topping by blogging. Visit http://www.SelectHomeSecurity.com for more ideas for protecting your home.