Congressman Makes Stand Against Weapons Ban

The battle over gun rights has spread to Central Texas. U.S. Congressman Roger Williams of District 25 is building his case to take before Washington D.C. lawmakers.
Williams met with constituents at McBride’s Guns in Central Austin Wednesday morning. Standing among the rows of guns he said he’s ready to fight for Second Amendment rights.

The congressman told KVUE he does not support President Obama’s plan to renew the assault weapons ban. He calls it unconstitutional and ineffective. Williams says a previous ban on assault weapons didn’t work. He cited a report from The National Institution of Justice which showed no discernible reduction in gun violence after that ban was enacted.

Congressman Williams says the answer to gun violence is more complicated.

“I’m willing to work with the president and anyone else to find the solution to the challenges we face, but that solution will have to look at all the issues involved – including mental health policy as well as violence in our entertainment and in our video games,” he said.

Williams also said he doesn’t support a ban on large capacity magazines. He says it will only hurt law-abiding citizens and won’t stop criminals.

This was Congressman Williams’ third trip across his district. He made another stop in Burleson and Copperas Cove.


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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to 1st say THANK YOU, each and every one of you, for supporting our Precious 2nd Amendment. WE DID IT! The Petition went Public earlier this morning, and is “Quickly” getting on track to reach the Goal of the needed 100,000 SIGNATURES requiring a Response from the White House. This will again become possible only because of YOU and the Combined Support of Everyone that signed the Petition.
    For ALL of you that have not Signed the Petition, and wish to do so, I have included the link to the White House dot gov website below.
    Once again, THANK YOU for standing up for LIBERTY!

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