Kel-Tec Responds

To claims of broken barrel lugs over at

I have carried my Kel-Tec PF-9 every single day for more than 3 years. No problems, no issues, no concerns. My experiences with the firearm led a friend to purchase one for himself.

Read Kel-Tec’s response:

2 thoughts on “Kel-Tec Responds

  1. I bought my Ruger after looking at every gun shop in town & handling every pistol I was interested in, I talked w/ lots of gun owners about different brands including ones like I think it’s spelled LAMA or something like that. I already owned one Ruger in 9mm, but was open to any other brand in the same price range. I finally settled on the Ruger P345 because it felt the best in my hand & I’ve never been disappointed w/ it. My point is cheaper isn’t always the way to go, but by the same token you don’t have to break the bank to get a quality firearm.

  2. I’ve owned two PF-9’s. I considered them rather ugly, and the recoil rather strong, but decently accurate and utterly reliable with the right ammunition. I’ve gone upscale, although I can’t say it is as reliable, with a Boberg XR9-s. The recoil impulse isn’t as harsh, and I had to reorient aiming. I know it is more picky about a strong racking of the slide to chamber and eject a round. Boberg is more classy & compact (not lighter), but I think the PF-9 is easier to use and maybe more reliable. That being said, I have a P3AT and a Bodyguard 380. Although larger,(and that counts), the BG380 aims so much better, followup is so much faster, I prefer the BG380. It is also a little less picky on the ammo.

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