Rep. Lavender to introduce open carry bill

This legislative session we could see a bill for “open carry”. State Representative George Lavender is currently writing the bill.

“Essentially what the bill would do is give us license to carry instead of concealed carry. You can carry openly or concealed whichever you prefer but you still have to have a license,” said Lavender.

Jerry Patterson, Texas Land Commissioner and author of the concealed hand gun law in 1995 is for open carry. He’s heard from a lot of critics, especially about gun laws causing more violence.

“What they are saying is that Texans are uniquely prone to violence and that was the same argument that was used in 1995 that was used in opposition to concealed hand gun law and at that time we had 30 states that had concealed handgun licenses and I told them at that time why hasn’t it occurred in Florida for example same thing I would tell those people today,” said Patterson.

Just this month Oklahoma enacted their open carry law allowing residents to wear their guns out in the open in public places like a grocery store.

Texas is just one of a handful of states without an open carry law.

Lavender introduced an open carry bill in 2011. He thinks he has a better shot this session since it would allow businesses and private property owners to post signs prohibiting firearms.


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