Look At That Smile


My 3 1/2 year old son got a formal introduction to firearms Sunday. The Marlin 60 is a bit large for him, so he did not do any firing. I need to pick up a Crickett for him when I begin to train him on shooting. Still need to work on a few things before he is ready to pull the trigger.

His pumpkin was getting a bit old so I asked if he’d like to watch me shoot it. His reply was an overwhelming YES. I loaded the Marlin 60 with subsonic ammo to minimize the noise as much as possible and let him watch me unload in to it. Afterwards we examined how the holes in the front were tiny and big on the back. He was delighted and wants to do some more shooting with me soon. Next time I’m thinking that clay pigeons will make good targets, as they are quite reactive when hit.

That smile before we started shooting says it all.

3 thoughts on “Look At That Smile

  1. Yep, that smile say’s it all. Can’t wait to teach my grandsons how to handle firearms properly. They have already mastered the air gun & safety w/ that weapon.

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