Changes In The Works

I’m currently working on a bit of a redesign of Nothing in terms of content — that stays the same. My focus is not changing at all. Just doing a visual refresh.

Anything that you would like to see in this new revision? Now’s the time to get your opinions in. The more opinions I get the better I can make your experience.

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Changes In The Works

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  2. Try something different in the header… on my computer (pc running win 7 and chrome browser) the header is just a (nice) photo of some hills. No indication of what the site is.

    Other than that, I have it in my GUNS GUNS GUNS bookmark directory, and visit almost daily.


  3. I can appreciate that. I’ve thought of putting a title but never did it. I’ll look in to how I can do that nicely. I’m considering a horizontal menu under the header image. Would having ‘Weapon Blog’ in the Menu work for you there?

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