Match Head

I’m no Steven Segal… no telling what caliber he used in the above video, or if he got it first try (or if that clip is just the time he got it). I believe he stood at a distance of 20 feet.

I gave it a try at a distance of 21 feet with the Ruger Mk III, free standing and unsupported. At that distance, even with as slim as the front sight post is, it’s much larger than the matchstick. Never did manage to take off the head of the match, however I did knock the phosphorus off the head with round #9.


Progression of the twenty shots I took can be seen in the image below. Please note that the timeline is an idea I had as an afterthought. Had I planned it out ahead of time, I would have put up a tripod and taken each picture from the same spot so that they would stack nicely. I did my best to line them up after the fact, but they were taken at varying angles and distances.