Hanging Around

The dogs were barking like crazy this morning. When it went on for longer than usual, I went out to find out what was going on.


Turns out this guy tried to jump the fence and didn’t quite make it. His left hind leg got tangled really badly and was either broken or dislocated. Right hind leg was tangled as well. Not sure how long he’d been hanging, but several hours is my guess. He had rubbed off all the fur in spots on all four legs, trying to get loose. On the left hind leg he’d rubbed it down to the bone. At the point I found him, he was exhausted and barely even moved when one of the dogs nipped at him.

I did my best to get him down off the fence, but his body weight was forcing him in position. Only thing else I could do was the humane thing and end his suffering. A bullet to the head ended that. Then I had to cut his hind legs off with a hacksaw to get him down from the fence.

6 thoughts on “Hanging Around

  1. Sad that it had to end that way but at least it didn’t mess up your fence! And while it was rather unfortunate for the beast, the giant hoofed rats are not known for their intelligence or cunning – just their appetite.

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