Fight Over Cat Leads To Wife Shooting Husband

A Houston-area woman is accused of shooting her husband after an argument about one of their cats.

Audrey Deen Miller, 42, is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

“The weapon was found. It’s a 40 caliber semi-auto handgun,” Sgt. Eddie Hazel, Harris County Sheriff’s Office, said.

Audrey Miller told deputies her husband threatened to shoot with a pellet gun.

“She made comments of some nature that he was going to harm her cat. She pointed the weapon at him and shot him in the stomach,” Hazel said.

Miller’s 42-year-old husband is recovering. The cat wasn’t hurt.

Shortly after police arrived on the scene at 7:15 a.m. on Seaton Balley and Greenfield, Miller was placed in the back of a police car. Meantime, as neighbors were heading to work, they discovered the crime scene.

“They’ve been nice neighbors and quiet. I think they’re leasing the home but they’ve been very nice,” neighbor Debra Best said.


3 thoughts on “Fight Over Cat Leads To Wife Shooting Husband

  1. Sad thing is any media or antis will focus on the firearm aspect instead of the marriage problems that lead up to the fight.

    Fix the problems in the marriage and it doesn’t matter who owns what firearm.

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