The Point?

Richard over at Guns Holsters and Gear dishes out some information on the Charter Arms 9mm Pitbull revolver.

Anyone care to educate me on why I would want to use a cartridge such as a 9mm in a revolver? Something more compelling than ‘because you can’ obviously. I honestly don’t see any advantages over carrying a magazine fed semiautomatic in 9mm.

6 thoughts on “The Point?

  1. I guess if you already have a 9mm in semi auto and wanted one in a revolver would be the reason to buy the charter Arms pistol. Personally I’d just buy a .38 and be done with it. I don’t have much use for the 9mm to begin with I prefer the .45ACP.

  2. I was once no fan of the 9mm Euro Pellet but economic reality, Massad Ayoob and some terminal ballistics charts swayed me! I’d LOVE a 9mm snubby, chamfered or with moon clips, to act as a back-up or a stand alone pocket carry for my main CHL, a Ruger SR9C. Once upon a time, I had a large collection of firearms in a dozen calibers. Now I prefer to follow the KISS method and stick to 9mm, 12 gauge, 5.56mm, .308 and maybe, down the line, either a .357 or .44 Mag wheel gun again.

    That siad, I’m no fan of CA.

  3. Well, some people just like revolvers. 9mm is arguably a superior round in terms of speed and energy. If you have tons of 9mm laying around and you don’t want to have to accumulate a new collection of .38 then this is the gun for you.

  4. I suppose you’re right. I have several 9mm semiautomatics, and tend to associate revolvers with .38SPL/.357MAG, .44SPL/.44MAG, .22LR — I figure if you’re going to tote a 9mm, might as well be something with higher capacity than a 6 shot revolver. But far from me to judge another’s choice in firearms.

  5. I can’t imagine anyone seriously considering this thing, simply for the “savings” they’ll enjoy on 9mm.
    That’s like our hero-president telling people to buy a chevy volt or prius because in 15 years they’ll break-even on price.

    It’s retarded. If I were given one, I’d sell it immediately sell it to one of these folks and laugh all the way to the ammo counter.

  6. Tim, if you win one please get my email from Aaron and let me know. I’ll drive right over in my Prius and pick it up from you! Hell, I’ll even drive you to the local and get some ammo for myself.

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